Titles Revealed for the Final Two Episodes of the Stepping Stone Cycle

It’s been a long while since I updated this site with news of the Stepping Stone Cycle series, my updated re-imagining of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. It’s mind boggling to me that I released Memory Void, Episode 4 back in April of 2017. A lot of things in my personal life have happened that have caused delays in finishing this series, which I had hoped to have done by spring of this year. Clearly that didn’t happen and though I wanted to release a new book in 2018, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen either. Once I began writing Episode 5, I knew for certain how it would end and that ending was a cliffhanger. Writing the series as if each book was a television episode means that the finale episode would have a definitive end with an opening for further stories if the series had been “renewed.” However, unlike television’s weekly schedule (or binge-watching potential if you watch it on a streaming service), if I had released the 5th episode as a novella with a cliffhanger ending, it could be 3-6 months or longer before I release the last book. No better way to turn an audience off than to leave them hanging.

With all that in mind, I determined that I wanted to release Episodes 5 and 6 simultaneously so that the fans could choose to buy both episodes at once and go right from one to the other. That meant I’d need to go from writing one to the next without missing a beat. This has been some of the hardest writing I’ve ever done, despite having had the main story beats in mind for at least 6–7 years, since the moment the series was first conceived. That has contributed to an extraordinarily prolonged editing cycle. I’ve done three rounds of edits on Episode 5 and anticipate doing one more round as there’s one section that’s a bit awkward that I want to polish. Episode 6 is being read by my alpha reader now and will go into edits soon.

Once the editing is done, I plan to release another eBook compilation of Episodes 4-6 (since there’s already a compilation of 1-3). And since I expect the series to be one long story, I plan to release all six episodes (the first Season) as an eBook and a paperback. All combined, I think it’ll weigh in as a decent standalone novel, weighing in between 170,000 and 180,000 words, pricing to be determined when it’s assembled.

Today I will officially announce the titles for the final two episodes, as well as their cover images. Episode 6 is subject to change, but episode 5 is set. Episode 5 will be called The Empty Reflection Beckons and Episode 6 is tentatively titled Stepping Stone. The cover images are shown below. Keep checking back on this site and my Twitter feed for more details on the release date.