The Stepping Stone Cycle Screenplay Submitted to Amazon Studios

If you’ve followed the progression of this series of novellas, you’ll know that the series concept was originally meant for each novella to be like one episode of a television series. I wrote each book and the entire story arc with this goal in mind. Since completing the last novella, Memory Void, I’ve been working on adapting the first of the series, First Stone, into a screenplay. That work is now complete. 

With its completion, I’ve decided to submit the screenplay to Amazon Studios, in the hopes that they may decide to greenlight the project. Whether they do or not, I’ve made the screenplay project public so that anyone can read the screenplay and comment on it. Perhaps if enough readers like it, someone will buy off on the series. What’s posted at this link is the pilot episode, which is actually only about half of First Stone. I discovered in the writing that a straight adaptation of the book went about 20 pages too long, so I split the pilot into 2 episodes (A & B) and added some bits to both to lengthen each to around 50+ pages. As a result, there are some parts in the screenplay that are not in the book, some of which just show things that happened but which were only mentioned in the book (TV requiring the “show don’t tell” principle of writing). A fair warning, if you haven’t read the latest novella, the end of episode 1A does reveal or at least hint at something that still has not been fully explained. It’s not technically a spoiler for the latter part of the series but it is something that has not been mentioned yet. It ends the episode with a good hook to keep people interested for the next episode, at least in my opinion.

So go read the screenplay at this link and give it a review