First Draft of Episode 3 is completed

As of last weekend, I’ve completed the first draft of the third episode in the Stepping Stone cycle cosmic horror series. Weighing in at around 37,000 words, I have a title in mind but I won’t be announcing it yet. I want to get through the first stage of edits as well as start working up a cover image before I give out that information. I’m targeting mid-September for a release date though that could change backwards or forwards depending on how the edits come along.

Once Episode 3 is released, I will be compiling the first three novellas into an eBook compilation for the price of $2.99. In addition, I will publish that compilation as a paperback – price to be determined based on printing costs. So if you’ve been waiting for a physical copy of the story to get involved with Dr. Jack Carter’s interactions with the Cthulhu Mythos, that will be the perfect jumping on point.

As I announced over on the Bridge Chronicles web site, I’m altering my writing schedule a little bit. Rather than plow through the next three novellas in the Cycle, I’m going to be alternating the universes I work on. As I complete a Stepping Stone novella, I’ll be writing at least one Bridge Chronicles cyberpunk story before going back to the next cosmic horror novella. This will keep my mind fresh and allow me to promote both series better at the same time. By the time Episode 6 rolls around to complete the season with a mind-blowing conclusion, I’ll have enough material to publish another cyberpunk short story collection, Tales from the Bridge Chronicles, Vol. 2.

So stay tuned to this site and my Twitter feed for more information concerning this series and my other writing. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, go grab a copy of First Stone or The Metal Black on the Buy my Books page. You won’t be disappoitned.