Memory Void Cover

Episode 4 Title and Cover Announced

It’s official! Episode 4 of my Cthulhu Mythos series, The Stepping Stone Cycle, now has both a title and a cover! I’ve been keeping this one under wraps but with the first draft finished and off to the alpha reader, it was time to announce the title. And since I am actually happen with the first attempt at the cover, I figured I’d release both here.

And the title is: 

Memory Void

My inspiration for that title came from a video I saw recently of the installation Schalechet (Fallen Leaves) by Menashe Kadishman, found in the “Memory Void” of the Libeskind Building that houses the Jewish Museum Berlin. All those faces stamped in metal in that cacaphonous silence is disturbing. The idea of a void space fit with Jack Carter’s lost memory, a loss that perhaps hides something horrible that he is unwilling or unable to face.

And here is the cover. I’m really proud of this one, as I’m trying to go back to the more simplistic, divided designs of my previous favorite cover, if [tribe] =. 

Memory Void Cover

The book should be out hopefully before spring has fully sprung (not that Mississippi has had much of a winter). Keep watching this web site and my Twitter feed for updates.