The Stepping Stone Cycle

An episodic series of cosmic horror novellas by the acclaimed author of The Bridge Chronicles


Drowned Gets Five-Star Review!

Roberto Mattos of the Books and Movies: Reviews blog just added a review of the third novel in my Cthulhu Mythos series, Drowned to his blog. He has been a fan of the series since the beginning and he loved the new novella enough to give it FIVE(5) stars!

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First Stone Gets Another Positive Review

Bee Love from the blog Writerbee's Book Reviews has posted her review of the first novella in the Stepping Stone Cycle, First Stone. She gives the first episode in my Cthulhu Mythos series 5-stars! From the review: 

This story quickly draws the reader into the plight of the characters, main and supporting, and builds a new reality worthy of being put on screen. There is a careful balance of story and action, shock and confusion to keep the reader interested and challenged.

Thanks to Bee Love for reviewing the novella and posting it online. You can read the full review here.

Positive Review for The Metal Black

Roberto Mattos of the Books and Movies: Review blog has just added a review of The Metal Black, and he gives it five stars! 

This is a very interesting sequence to the original story, very well written and entertaining, that will keep the reader hooked until the turn of the last page. I still want to read more episodes from this series.

You can read the full review over here, and you can find out where to buy the book on my Buy page. I want to thank Roberto for reviewing my novellas.

First Stone Receives Another Positive Review

The blog Truth About Books posted a review the other day for the debut novella in the Stepping Stone Cycle, First Stone, my modern-day take on the Cthluhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. The review was very positive overall and you can find it posted here. Some of the highlights are: 

In the end, the book did deliver. After I closed the final page, I had forgotten the wait and I found myself wanting more.

It alluded to something greater than all of us, and it gave that agoraphobic feel that I had been yearning for since page one.

If you are a fan of mysteries I would definitely check out this title. It is clever and unpredictable with a beautiful and unique writing style. I am dying to read the next installment in the Stepping Stone Cycle.

You can buy the book in any eBook format at one of the links on the Buy My Books page. The entire series has been collected into an eBook and paperback compiliation called The Stepping Stone Cycle, Episodes 1-3.

First reviews in for First Stone

It's been out a few months, but the first review for First Stone is in and it's positive! Roberto Mattos of the Books and Movies: Review blog has just added a review, and he gives it five stars. From the review

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The New Podler Review of Books Praises First Stone

The New Podler Review of Books recently read First Stone and have just posted their review. The review was glowingly positive! You can read the full review here, but here's just a sample: 

Ballard invests a good deal of time developing his characters, and it pays off. You really get to know Carter and root for him to find the answers to Sarah's disappearance. His friendship with Bill plays easy. And Ballard develops the small town West Virginia characters, too. It would've been easy to let them be two-dimensional stereotypes, but Ballard invests in their backgrounds to make their personal stories real.

While Ballard is playing in Lovecraft's sandbox, he doesn't play with his toys in quite the same way. Ballard sticks with his own writing style. Yes, he teases you with a survivor's testimony, has you listen to some preaching about the unfathomable darkness, and flaunts mysterious objects.

It's an interesting twist on presenting Cthulhu Mythos fiction and might serve as a bridge for psychological thriller fans to get a glimpse of the Old Ones.

All in all, it's an entertaining and quick read. 

I want to thank the New Podler Review for agreeing to review the novella! For more information on how to purchse First Stone, go to the Buy My Books page.

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