The Stepping Stone Cycle

An episodic series of cosmic horror novellas by the acclaimed author of The Bridge Chronicles


This page will contain all the lastest news about the Stepping Stone Cycle, including any reviews that I recieve. If you are a member of the press, or a reviewer who would like a review copy of the book, you may get in touch with me on the Contact page.

Episode 4, Memory Void, Now Available as an Audiobook

I recieved word today that the audiobook version of Memory Void, Episode 4 of the Stepping Stone Cycle, has gone on sale. You can buy the audiobook from or listen to it for free with your subscription. I want to thank Stephen Rausch once again for his excellent narration. If you are interested in receiving a review copy, Contact me. If you'd like to catch up on the series, or get any of my other books, go to the Buy My Books page.

To celebrate the release, I've also put out a video trailer for the book, including music by my side project, Death in Logic. Enjoy!

The Stepping Stone Cycle Screenplay Submitted to Amazon Studios

If you've followed the progression of this series of novellas, you'll know that the series concept was originally meant for each novella to be like one episode of a television series. I wrote each book and the entire story arc with this goal in mind. Since completing the last novella, Memory Void, I've been working on adapting the first of the series, First Stone, into a screenplay. That work is now complete. 

With its completion, I've decided to submit the screenplay to Amazon Studios, in the hopes that they may decide to greenlight the project. Whether they do or not, I've made the screenplay project public so that anyone can read the screenplay and comment on it. Perhaps if enough readers like it, someone will buy off on the series. What's posted at this link is the pilot episode, which is actually only about half of First Stone. I discovered in the writing that a straight adaptation of the book went about 20 pages too long, so I split the pilot into 2 episodes (A & B) and added some bits to both to lengthen each to around 50+ pages. As a result, there are some parts in the screenplay that are not in the book, some of which just show things that happened but which were only mentioned in the book (TV requiring the "show don't tell" principle of writing). A fair warning, if you haven't read the latest novella, the end of episode 1A does reveal or at least hint at something that still has not been fully explained. It's not technically a spoiler for the latter part of the series but it is something that has not been mentioned yet. It ends the episode with a good hook to keep people interested for the next episode, at least in my opinion.

So go read the screenplay at this link and give it a review

Episode 4, Memory Void, has been released!

The time has come! Toll the bell! Episode 4 of the Stepping Stone Cycle, the novella called Memory Void has been unleashed upon the world!

So far the eBook is only available on Smashwords in just about every eBook format you could want. You can find the book here. I'll be updating this post as the book becomes available on more outlets. It's being processed by both the Amazon Kindle Store and the Nook Press. 

UPDATE: The book is now availalbe on Amazon as well, at this Kindle Store link.

UPDATE 2: The book is now on sale at Barnes & Noble/Nook Press.

Episode 4 Title and Cover Announced

It's official! Episode 4 of my Cthulhu Mythos series, The Stepping Stone Cycle, now has both a title and a cover! I've been keeping this one under wraps but with the first draft finished and off to the alpha reader, it was time to announce the title. And since I am actually happen with the first attempt at the cover, I figured I'd release both here.

And the title is: 

Memory Void

My inspiration for that title came from a video I saw recently of the installation Schalechet (Fallen Leaves) by Menashe Kadishman, found in the "Memory Void" of the Libeskind Building that houses the Jewish Museum Berlin. All those faces stamped in metal in that cacaphonous silence is disturbing. The idea of a void space fit with Jack Carter's lost memory, a loss that perhaps hides something horrible that he is unwilling or unable to face.

And here is the cover. I'm really proud of this one, as I'm trying to go back to the more simplistic, divided designs of my previous favorite cover, if [tribe] =. 

Memory Void Cover

The book should be out hopefully before spring has fully sprung (not that Mississippi has had much of a winter). Keep watching this web site and my Twitter feed for updates.

Episode 4 First Draft Complete

The first draft of Episode 4 of the Cthulhu mythos series is done!

At around 25,000 words, this novella will end up being the shortest episode so far but it will have significant consequences for the series main character, Dr. Jack Carter, going forward. I have a working title that I will reveal when I get the cover art done. I've sent the story off to my alpha reader (aka my wife) and while she goes over it with a fine tooth comb, I plan on getting a start on another screenplay. The screenplay will in fact be an adaptation of the first episode of the Cycle into a television pilot.

Watch this space for more to come, including a release date (hopefully in March). 

Episode 4 has begun!

At long last, the Stepping Stone Cycle's hiatus is over! That's right, I've begun work on the new novella in my Cthulhu Mythos series, the Stepping Stone Cycle. This will be episode four (4) of six (6) planned novellas, and I hope to have the first draft of this one done by the turn of the New Year. I make no promises on that timeline but I think it's entirely possible. I have a working title that I'm not ready to share yet, but when I do, I will post it here and on my social media channels - specifically Twitter, where you can find me @HaemishM.

If you'd like to catch up on the series, you can find all episodes on the Buy My Books page.

Drowned Released as an Audiobook

Drowned, the third novella in the Stepping Stone Cycle, a modern-day interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, has been released as an audiobook. Previously available as an eBook individually, or as part of the compiliation The Stepping Stone Cycle, Episodes 1-3 in eBook and paperback, this new audiobook version is narrated by the great Stephen Rausch. You may purchase the audiobook version on, iTunes or, or listen to the audiobook for free as part of your Audible subscription. For more information on where to purchase this novella, go to the Buy My Books page. 

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